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Man playing an accordion you can only see his hands

Digging Deeper at the ORFC24

The place where science and folk music intersect is the basis for Tipping Points. Between 2022 and 2024 I worked with Luke Daniels a well known folk musician to develop a workshop that explored the interactions between science and society.

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Glass sitting on top of a periodic table diagram

Pure deid metal - why is pure science so hard to explain?

In my interviews with Scottish scientists they all agree, it's hard to engage the public and get them excited about pure science. So I wanted to find out more and took a (virtual) trip from Bellshill to Princeton.

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Woman holding a cushion in front of her eyes that says Maths is more important than art

In Maths we trust

The inherent beauty of educators is their power to cultivate curiosity... for me, the curiosity in Maths died in about 1992, read on to see how a conversation changed that...

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Two people standing looking at their feet with the words Passion Led us here written on a pavement


Working with Scottish HE? An individual, business small or large, community group, grassroots activist, school, college or special interest group? Join the conversation as a guest blogger...

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Lucy Beattie

Lucy Beattie

Hi I'm Lucy, a PhD Candidate with the UWS Academy. I'm looking at the role of public engagement in connecting teaching and research in Higher Education

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